Transforming an internal talent program into a coveted brand.





Have you ever felt it?

Here begins the campaign, with a Dylan-esque tone, for Puig’s Graduate Program.

And it’s no coincidence that Timothée Chalamet portrays Bob Dylan in his upcoming movie, because those that adore the actor, the Generation Z, live with the nostalgia and the values that their parents, uncles, parent’s friends have; the Generation X, the first to show awareness and express it.

In that same way, we approached the identity and the campaign for Puig’s Graduate Program, where we crafted a manifesto; almost a song inspired by Dylan and his contemporaries, as well as by the founders of Puig; both the company’s and its brands’ founders, those who carried the fire to create something new, grand, yet also the responsibility to understand that every action has an impact.

The talent, without the person, is of no use.