The Harvard of Cuisine.




Culinary Institut of Barcelona

Crafting the brand for the haute cuisine school set to revolutionize the industry.

Introducing the Culinary Institute of Barcelona: the international culinary school shaping individuals to lead the transformation of the restaurant and gastronomy industry.

An exercise in which the value of the academic rigor, characteristic of an exclusive school like this, had to coexist with its international, transformative, and future-oriented vision.

The analysis of the international competition, an in-depth review of trends in education and the culinary sector, along with an analysis of various student insights, guided us in the creation of a brand that is not only unique but superior to the competition.

We developed the naming, the brand, the communication tools, the audiovisual content; all with the challenge that the school was yet to be established. One of the cornerstones of the brand was to create a powerful hashtag that would be an integral part of the school’s identity.