How to make talent acquisition attractive and desirable.



A website with human DNA.

One of the major concerns for multinational corporations is talent acquisition. Making your company appear, feel, and be perceived as attractive to the younger generations is crucial, and it involves creating emotions, evoking feelings, and forging connections as they navigate through digital spaces.

A website where 100% of the individuals that are showcased are members/employees at Puig, a production that became an employer experience, leaving a positive memory for those who experienced it.

In order to develop the website and talent acquisition campaign for one of the world’s largest fragrance and cosmetic companies, we had to create a framework where the small and the subtle, the grand and the astonishing, the genuine and the aspirational could coexist in perfect balance in order to discover the inherent beauty of the category while also unveiling the truth desired by the target audience.

A digital employer branding project that speaks with a human voice. One where the reputation of its corporate brand has been enriched with meaning and relevance for the target audience through content that fosters emotional connections and articulates its leadership within the sector.

It’s not about selling products, it’s about attracting the talent.