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A fertility process is not a product, neither a service, is a life experience.

The Fertty clinic opened an agency contest for its new branding, however, instead of presenting a creative progets, we showed a pre-diagnostic and an action plan in order to do a brand consultancy.

With over 300 fertility centers throughout all of Spain, operating within a well shaped market that has not a lot of difference between the products, we had to uncover the essence and what made Fertty unique, but most importantly, what made them connect with the human part of the process. Without understanding why they could be considered superior to their competitors, we couldn’t guarantee the results they sought in a market where lead generation fluctuates like the stock market.

Combining old-school techniques, such as a Mystery Shopper, with session of design thinking in order to create empathy maps, provided enough clues to determine the journey that women seeking pregnancy wished to experience: I am digital, I am unique, I seek love, self-care, participation, and live this moment.

Today, we are not just Fertty’s agency, but also have a sexologist on board. We host talks, teach ovarian breathing, share recipes conducive to pregnancy, and measure success rates not only by pregnancies achieved, but also by the level of stress or well-being experienced by women and couples.

The brand that connects every part of your community. The power of motherhood.