At Real Stories we create and develop brands and take them to a higher, more prominent level.

We build brand and communication strategies. Unique forward-looking strategies and action plans that will capture people’s attention and yield results. Able to analyze, conceive, produce and transmit concepts that connect with other people.

With the ability to innovate and create

A highly experienced team in the digital, luxury and lifestyle domains where the brand, telling stories and creating excitement is so essential to connecting to consumers.



Estrategia de marca y comunicación



Creatividad Estratégica



Creating purposeful and meaningful brands


Brand Essence

We engage in Brand Essence for the brand by carving out a territory that will turn into an opportunity. We develop a purpose for the brand and define its value to the target audience. Creation of Brand Book & Guidelines for implementation.

Trends & Facts

We use megatrends to identify future opportunities for brands and turn them into innovative action plans.


From the strategic standpoint, we define the identity and translate this framework into each of the actions carried out by the brand. Being aware of the strength involved in constantly reinforcing its identity grows a brand that is eminent, innovative and unique.

Implementation Coach

While the strategy is essential, its execution is critical, which is why we support the brand’s internal team in the implementation.


Only telling true stories, we will get to the emotion


Brand communication

A brand’s communication must be genuine and true. And its territories and contents must be inspired and generated from within the brand, because truth leads to emotion, and emotion is a global concept.

Communication strategy

We are primarily consultants. Along with the client, and based on research and analysis, we define various paradigms and lay out the best communication option for the brand.

Finally, we apply all our creativity to craft a strategy and action plan that will capture the interest of the target audience and offer it value.


From impact to emotion


Working out a content strategy in which we explain a story that connects with the consumer allows us to transition from impact to emotion.

With video being one of the most consumed formats today, planning and perfectly executing an audiovisual communication strategy is an organic way to bring a brand closer to its consumers.

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